So many great reasons to choose Casa Vittoria!

About us

Casa Vittoria proudly stands on top of the market for designer shutters, blinds and windows . Casa Vittoria  provides high quality craftsmanship  for extra long lasting durability.
Our products are frequently used in office complexes, apartments, hotels, government  buildings, restaurants, golf clubs and even yacht

Our partners manufacture most blinds from the start. Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest machinery. Some of them have been manufacturing blinds for over 40 years.

We pride ourselves on quality customer service and highly trained and educated staff. Casa Vittoria understands that excellent customer service is key in assuring our clients are satisfied allowing us to establish long term relationship with them .

What matters the most for Casa Vittoria is the speed of responsе. That’s why some of our products can be installed within 72 hours from ordering. Our company also offers interior and architectural design consultations and solutions.

Casa Vittoria “mobile experience” brings the showroom directly to your living room allowing you to see the colours and textures the way they should be seen – in the natural lighting of your home.

Casa Vittoria is dedicated to offer save products. Our blinds are child save to prevent accidents.
Safe environment conscious using only certified woods

Allow us to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or office.

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