At The New England Shutter Company has created countless unique decorative concepts. Many of our beautiful specialist finishes cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our luxurious metallic and gesso finish shutters have been created in collaboration with Rupert Bevan Ltd. Rupert Bevan have an unrivalled understanding of an exceptional range of specialist finishes thanks to 20 years experience of working with gilded, painted, lacquered and polished furniture and interiors.

Our large collection of specialist gilded finishes include; aluminium leaf, bronze paint, dark bronze paint, faux pewter, grey cracked gesso, moon gold, silver fish scale cracked gesso and white gold cracked gesso. Sandblasted shutters are manufactured using raw solid tulipwood which is literally blasted with sand to create a rough surface. The shutters are then colour-washed and oiled in any colour of your choice. The texture and feel of sandblasted shutters adds an organic, seaside feel to any room.