Our best-selling finish, solid tulipwood shutters will be painted to match any colour from manufacturers such as Farrow and Ball, Dulux, and Paper & Paint Library collections, at no extra charge. In a white or off-white our shutters look simple, clean and modern. Choose bright colours to add interest to any kitchen or bathroom. Each shutter panel is carefully checked and re-checked by eye during the manufacturing process to ensure the finest finish possible.

The paint we use is a pre-catalysed spray paint which is quick drying, UV stable, long-lasting and easy to handle and maintain once the shutters are fitted. Our painted shutters are made from American Tulipwood (Liriodendron Tulipifera) grown in the New England region of the Appalachian Mountains. Tulipwood is a light and stable hardwood used in many applications including furniture, drumsticks, joinery and mouldings. At least six new trees are planted for every one that is felled, so the environmental impact of forestry in this region is very positive.